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Table 2 The participants-affiliated institutions and their major research fields on taeniasis/cysticercosis

From: Priorities for research and control of cestode zoonoses in Asia

Institutions Major research fields References
  Epidemiology Diagnosis Control and treatment Taxonomy  
Asahikawa Med. Univ., Japan Ito A, 2003, 2006; Sako Y, 2009; Yanagida T, 2010; Knapp J, 2011; Nakao M, 2010; Nkouawa A, 2011.
Inst. of Parasit Dis., Sichuan CDC, China.      Li TY, 2006, 2012.
National Inst. of Infect. Dis., Japan.      Yamasaki H, 2013
Tottori Univ., Japan.     Yamane K, 2012
Universidade Federal do Tocantins, Brazil.    Sato MO, 2011
Univ. of Ngaoundere, Cameroon.      Assana E, 2013
  1. Note: The institutions are listed in alphabetical order and the references shown in the table are those that have been published.