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Table 3 Community symptomatology of common ailments respondents mentioned are prevalent in the community

From: Assessing resources for implementing a community directed intervention (CDI) strategy in delivering multiple health interventions in urban poor communities in Southwestern Nigeria: a qualitative study

Diseases Local name Local diagnosis/symptomatology
Malaria/fever Iba Head ache, high body temperature, loss of appetite, weakness
Typhoid Iba Jefun Jefun Head ache, stomach pain, loss of appetite, high body temperature, diarrhea
Jaudice related diseases/hepatitis Iba ponju poto/ Iba Jedo jedo Fever, body weakness, yellow eyes, yellow urine,
Hypertension Eje ruru Weakness, sleeplessness, head ache
Diarrhea Igbe gbuuru Watery stool, weakness, dryness of the skin, frequent stooling
TB Iko ife Cough, weakness, loss of weight, coughing bloody sputum, excessive night sweats
Cholera Arun onigbameji Watery stool and vomiting at the same time, weakness, dryness of the skin
Measles Ita/Olode High body temperature, body rashes, loss of appetite in children
Convulsion Giri High body temperature, inability to eat, weakness, seizures/convulsion
Diabetes mellitus Atogbe Sugary urine, excessive urination, excessive thirst, weight loss,
Schistosomiasis Atosi Aja Terminal haematuria
Peptic ulcer Ogbe inu Epigastric tenderness, peppery epigastric pain, Pain related to fasting,
Asthma Iko gule gule Cough, difficulty with breathing, chest over expansion during breathing,
Stroke Egba Weakness, sleeplessness, immobilization, loss of memory