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Table 3 The ASEAN-NDI’s vision, mission, objectives, and key stakeholders

From: A look at the ASEAN-NDI: building a regional health R&D innovation network

Vision To be Asia’s premier facilitator for collaborative innovation in research and development in health products.
Mission To address the unmet public health needs of the ASEAN nations through the advancement of the ASEAN-led health product innovation in the areas of drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics in order to improve health outcomes in the ASEAN region and beyond, and to support sustainable regional economic development.
Objectives • To ensure that health technology development and the capacity of member states are appropriately maximized and managed according to regional health needs.
• To build a harmonious and sustainable partnership among ASEAN countries and networks to rapidly build up the needed human resource, technology, and financing for health and development security.
• To capacitate ASEAN member states and help them provide health products and services for their own needs and the needs of the ASEAN as a whole especially in addressing diseases endemic in the region.
• To contribute to the “ASEAN Community 2015” initiative of the region, in terms of health R&D cooperation
Key stakeholders The success of the establishment and operationalization of the ASEAN-NDI requires the perspective and engagement of key stakeholders from the public, private, and non-profit sectors at every step of the process.
Such stakeholders include the various ASEAN national governments and their respective science and technology, and health ministries; public and private ASEAN research institutions and researchers; pharmaceutical, medical device, and other health product companies and manufacturers; and potential partner agencies such as the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the WHO; international organizations and non-governmental organizations; the ASEAN nationals in the diaspora; and any other parties interested in supporting research and development in the ASEAN region.