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Table 1 Major NTD control targets set for 2020 by WHO

From: Global aspirations, local realities: the role of social science research in controlling neglected tropical diseases

NTD WHO Target[1]
Dengue “With new tools for diagnosis and vector control, better case management and focused research…an integrated vector management approach should reduce rates of morbidity by at least 25% and of mortality by 50% by 2020.”
Rabies “Elimination of human rabies transmitted by dogs and dog-to-dog transmission is achievable by 2015 in all endemic areas in Latin America; and by 2020 in all affected countries in WHO’s South-East Asia and Western Pacific regions.”
Trachoma “…global elimination goal by 2020…By 2020, all countries will have achieved the UIG and be free from blinding trachoma as a public-health problem, and by 2020, 75% of countries will have been verified as free from blinding trachoma as a public-health problem.”
Buruli ulcer “WHO aims to cure 70% of all cases with antibiotics in all endemic countries by 2020.”
Endemic treponematoses “Elimination of yaws in Africa is feasible by 2020, therefore leading to global eradication”
Leprosy “Vigorous case finding and treatment would lead to global interruption of transmission by 2020.”
Chagas disease “A milestone will be reached when peri-domiciliary infestation has been eliminated in Latin America by 2020.”
Human African Trypanosomiasis “…eliminate the disease in 80% of foci by 2015 and achieve elimination in 100% of foci by 2020.”
Leishmaniasis “WHO aims to detect at least 70% of all cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis and treat at least 90% of all detected cases in the Eastern Mediterranean Region by 2015. With sustained efforts on the Indian sub-continent, 100% case-detection and treatment of visceral leishmaniasis is feasible by 2020…”
Cysticercosis “A validated strategy for the control and elimination of Taenia solium taeniasis/cysticercosis will be available by 2015; and interventions for control and elimination scaled up in selected countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America by 2020.”
Dracunculiasis “Dracunculiasis is now on the verge of eradication.”
Echinococcosis “Pilot projects to validate the effectiveness of echinococcosis/hydatidosis control strategies will be implemented in selected countries by 2015. Scale up of interventions in selected countries in Central Asia, North Africa and Latin America for control and elimination as a public-health problem will be in place by 2020.”
Foodborne trematode infections “By 2020, 75% of the at-risk population will have been reached by preventive chemotherapy and morbidity associated with foodborne trematode infections will be under control in 100% of the endemic countries.”
Lymphatic filariasis “By 2020, 100% of all endemic countries will have been verified as free of transmission or will have entered post-intervention surveillance.”
Onchocerciasis “It is currently estimated that, by 2020, 12 APOC countries and 11 ex-OCP countries may have achieved elimination, out of a total of 31 countries affected…”
Schistosomiasis “…could be eliminated as a public health problem in multiple countries in Africa by 2020, and globally by 2025.”
Soil-transmitted helminthiases “…75% coverage will be reached in all countries by 2020.”