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Table 1 Facilities, sanitary conditions and management of two unregistered pig slaughter slabs in the Kaduna metropolis, Nigeria

From: Assessment of sanitary conditions of unregistered pig slaughter slabs and post mortem examination of pigs for Taenia solium metacestodes in Kaduna metropolis, Nigeria

Facilities and management Slaughter slab 1 Slaughter slab 2
Toilet system available at premises Pit latrine Pit latrine
Structure of slaughter premises Makeshift, bare concrete floor inside the residential yard of the owner Makeshift, cemented floor used as the slab at the backyard of the house, opposite a refuse dump site
Water source at premises Well Well
Drainage facility/waste disposal Improvised open drainage Open drainage
Frequency of pig slaughtering Once a week Once a week
Number of pigs slaughtered per day 5–6 pigs per day 1 pig per day
Total number of pigs slaughtered during the survey period 32 11
Pig source/management system at point source Semi-intensive farms and free ranging pigs Free ranging pigs
Availability of vet services at source Routinely at intensive farms, seldom for free range pigs Seldom
Routine meat inspection at slaughter slabs by official authorities Absent Absent
Use of sanitizers for cleaning No No
  1. Key: Slaughter slab 1: located at Nasarawa.
  2. Slaughter slab 2: located at Gonin Gora.