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Table 1 List of Arab countries and three non-Arab countries in the Middle East and their Standard Competition Ranks (SCRs) in worldwide research productivity in the field of infectious diseases

From: Assessment of research productivity of Arab countries in the field of infectious diseases using Web of Science database

Arab Countries Worldwide SCR *
Egypt 56
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 60
Tunisia 68
Morocco 81
Kuwait 91
Lebanon 93
Sudan 86
Algeria 103
United Arab Emirates 105
Jordan 130
Qatar 136
Bahrain 143
Oman 157
Iraq 163
Syria 162
Yemen 175
Libya 170
Mauritania 177
Palestine N/A*
Somalia 210
Comoros 213
Djibouti 218
Non-Arab countries  
Israel 25
Turkey 31
Iran 46
  1. *Palestine is not recognized as an independent state in the WoS database, so rank could not be determine. Retrieval of documents from Palestine was explained in the methodology section.