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Table 1 Ecohealth projects, countries involved and types of projects

From: Ecohealth research in Southeast Asia: past, present and the way forward

Project name Objective(s) Countries involved Project type Field Donor
Asia Partnership on Emerging Infectious Diseases Research (APEIR) Communication and knowledge sharing to reduce the threat of EIDs using a ’trust-based’ bottom-up approach. Focusing on avian influenza and expanded to other EIDs. Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Laos, Malaysia Research EIDs IDRC
Ecohealth Emerging Infectious Diseases Research Initiative (EcoEID) Understand the relationship between EIDs and agricultural, land utilisation and ecosystem management practices. Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Laos, Philippines Research EIDs IDRC/DFATD/AUSAID
Ecosystem Approaches to the Better Management of Zoonotic Emerging Infectious Diseases in the Southeast Asia Region (EcoZD) Increase the knowledge, skills, and capacity of research and infectious disease control personnel in SEA to understand the risks and impacts of Zoonotic Emerging Infectious Diseases (ZEIDs). Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Thailand Research–Capacity building EIDs IDRC
Eco-Bio-Social dengue control programmes Combine the social and ecological dimensions of the emergence of dengue fever. Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Laos, Philippines Research – Capacity building Dengue IDRC/WHO
Lawa Model: Integrated Opisthorchiasis Control in Northeast Thailand Strategies for controlling the liver fluke infection using the Ecohealth/One Health approach. Thailand Operational Research O. viverrini IDRC
The Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) project Liver fluke infection in the lowland area of the Savannakhet Province in relation to the development of wet rice field and irrigation systems. Lao PDR, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Yunnan China Research EIDs IDRC
Building Ecohealth Capacity in Asia (BECA) Building capacity in Ecohealth at different individual and institution levels. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China Capacity building EIDs RIHN
The Field Building Leadership Initiative in Southeast Asia (FBLI) Research focus is on solving human health problems associated with agricultural intensification in SEA. Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China Research – Capacity building Agriculture and Health IDRC
Strengthen the capacity for Ecohealth research. Facilitate networks and knowledge sharing to mainstream Ecohealth and engage policy makers.
Integrated assessment of environmental sanitation and health (NCCR North–South) Develop a conceptual framework for improving health and environmental sanitation using an approach combining health, ecological and socio-economic assessments. Vietnam, Thailand Operational research Agriculture and Health SDC
Land Use Change and Human Health in the Eastern Himalayas: An Adaptive Ecosystem Approach Reduce the vulnerability of mountain people to human health issues caused by land use change. Nepal, Yunnan Province, Tibetan Autonomous Region of China   Agriculture and Health IDRC