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Table 1 Values of the parameters used in Model 1

From: Estimating the basic reproductive ratio for the Ebola outbreak in Liberia and Sierra Leone

Parameter Description Value
ψ H Modification parameter for infection rate of high-risk susceptible individuals 1.2-2
δ I Disease-induced death rate of infected individuals 0.10
δ H Disease-induced death rate of hospitalized individuals 0.5
θ I Recovery rate of infected individuals 0.1
θ H Recovery rate of hospitalized individuals 0.2
α Rate at which latent individuals become infectious 0.1
τ Hospitalization rate for infected individuals 0.16
Π Recruitment rate 1.7
p Fraction of the individuals at high-risk 0.2
β Transmission rate of disease Estimated
1/μ Average life of human 63 years