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Table 1 Cluster wise summary of KFD cases and contacts investigated during the study

From: New focus of Kyasanur Forest disease virus activity in a tribal area in Kerala, India, 2014

Clusters Case/Contact status No. investigated No. reported with fever No. of sera No. of sera positive for KFD (IgM ELISA/IgG ELISA/RNA by RT-PCR)
Cluster 1      
  Index case 1 1 2 2 (IgM by ELISA) and
  Family contacts 8 0 7 1 (IgM by ELISA)*
Cluster 2      
  Primary cases 2 2 0 Not applicable@
  Secondary cases 4 4 4 1 (RNA by RT-PCR)#
  Tribal contacts 17 5 17 1 (IgM by ELISA)$
  1. *Contact did not report a history of fever.
  2. $Contact reported a history of fever.
  3. @ Primary cases could not be sampled as they died without medical consultation before the field investigation took place. Verbal autopsy indicated that these were suspect cases based on clinical/epidemiological history.
  4. #The secondary case was a family member of either of the two suspected primary cases who died.