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Table 2 Summary of recent similar published studies done in Sri Lanka

From: A study of the correlation between dengue and weather in Kandy City, Sri Lanka (2003 -2012) and lessons learned

Place Year published Study period Dengue notified/seropositive Weather variables studied Correlation identified
Colombo, Ratnapura, and Anuradhapura districts [21] 2013 2005–2011 Notified dengue cases Tmax, rainfall Tmax. and rainfall did not affect dengue incidence (but there was a mild correlation between dengue and rainfall in two cities).
Gampaha (it was one of the six Asian urban areas studied) [24] 2012 2006–2009 Seropositive dengue Rainfall A positive correlation was observed between the number of dengue cases and rainfall.
Western province of Sri Lanka (Colombo, Kalutara, and Gampaha districts combined) [25] 2009 2000–2004 Notified dengue cases Rainfall Dengue incidence was relatively low during heavy rainfall and increased when rainfall started to decrease, showing a 3–4-week lag. Dengue was strongly correlated with rain in most of the studied towns.
(No significant variations of temperature and humidity in were found, so they were not considered.)
  1. Tmax = maximum temperature