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Table 4 Recent reviews on dengue weather correlation

From: A study of the correlation between dengue and weather in Kandy City, Sri Lanka (2003 -2012) and lessons learned

Year Published Short description Reference
2013 Results of a dengue weather correlation study in Malaysia. Also describes results of similar studies. Cheong YL, Burkart K, Leitao PJ, Lakes T. Assessing weather effects on dengue disease in Malaysia. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2013; 10: 6319–6334.
2013 Describes climate change and mosquito-borne diseases in China, and includes an informative table about dengue. Bai L, Morton LC, Liu Q. Climate change and mosquito-borne diseases in China: a review. Global Health 2013; 9: 1–22.
2013 Summarizes findings of 31 studies done in various parts of Brazil and concludes that dengue is strongly related to meteorological variables. Viana DV, Ignotti E. The occurrence of dengue and weather changes in Brazil: a systematic review. Revista Brasileira de Epidemiologia 2013; 16: 240–256.
2012 Summarizes findings of 10 long-term studies from the Asia-Pacific region and America about ENSO and dengue correlation. Thai K TD, Anders KL. The role of climate variability and change in the transmission dynamics and geographic distribution of dengue. Experimental Biology and Medicine 2011; 236: 944–954.
2011 Summarizes findings of 22 studies from the Asia-Pacific region about dengue weather correlation. Banu S, Hu W, Hurst C, Tong S. Dengue transmission in the Asia‐Pacific region: impact of climate change and socio‐environmental factors. Tropical Medicine & International Health 2011; 16: 598–607.