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Table 1 Main agro-ecological zones in Morocco

From: Narrative overview of animal and human brucellosis in Morocco: intensification of livestock production as a driver for emergence?

Zone Dominant agriculture & production system
Eastern high plateau Sheep and goat nomadic system shifting to more settled. Barley. Dairy cattle in irrigated areas.
Middle Atlas Integrated crop and livestock (sheep, goats and some cattle) subsistence system. Summer transhumance of sheep flocks.
Rif, high Atlas, small Atlas, southern Oasis Settled, diversified (crop livestock combinations), relatively intensive and usually irrigated. Forage production and conservation.
Coastal plains Large-scale cereal cultivation associated with increasingly intensive sheep and cattle (dairy and beef) production. Irrigated perimeter and rainfed agriculture. Mix of subsistence and large farms.
Saharan Cropping limited to irrigated areas. Dominance of extensive livestock production (goats, sheep and camels).