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Table 1 The 1-3-7 strategy designed to guide malaria surveillance and response in China

From: China’s 1-3-7 surveillance and response strategy for malaria elimination: Is case reporting, investigation and foci response happening according to plan?

Strategy Time required Guidance in surveillance and response
Case reporting within 1 day Day 1 Any confirmed and suspected malaria cases by law must be reported to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the web-based health information system within 24 h of diagnosis by the local health-care provider.
Case investigation within 3 days Day 3 All malaria cases should be confirmed and visited by CDC’s staff at the county-level China Center for Disease Control (CDC), where the case is reported within three days, to determine where the case originated (indigenous or imported).
Focus investigation and action within 7 days Day 7 The focus investigation should be conducted as soon as possible. If local transmission* is possible or confirmed, targeted action to seek out other infections and reduce the chance of onward transmission is completed within seven days by the China CDC’s staff of the county where the patient resides and/or works. The scope of investigation is the case house and neighboring households.
*: Only these are considered active foci.