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Table 2 Reimbursement by the NCMS for TB outpatient care in 2012

From: The impact of the new cooperative medical scheme on financial burden of tuberculosis patients: evidence from six counties in China

  Reimbursement rate or quota Ceiling
YD Quota subsidy 200 yuan/year  
ZJ Quota subsidy 45 yuan/month 540 yuan/year
WF 70 % of total annual expenditure 2000 yuan/year
CG Quota subsidy 800 yuan/year  
MX 80 % of total annual expenditure 1800 yuan/year
ZB Quota subsidy New patient ,2000 yuan/year;
Relapse patient, 2500 yuan/year
  1. Data resource: Author’s data are collected from reimbursement policies of the NCMS offices