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Table 2 Description of the health insurance policies related to the reimbursement and payment method for TB treatment from six counties in Zhenjiang and Hanzhong, respectively, in 2012

From: Factors that associated with TB patient admission rate and TB inpatient service cost: a cross-sectional study in China

Policy Zhenjiang Hanzhong
Dantu Yangzhong Jurong Chenggu Mianxian Zhenba
Specific policy No No No No No No
Policy of reimbursement rate and regulations
Outpatient service 40 % No 30 % 800 CNY 2,500 CNY 2,000–2,500 CNY
Inpatient service 60–90 % 65–80 %
Regulation Deductible: 300–500 CNY Deductible: 200–300CNY
Ceiling: 80,000–200,000 CNY Ceiling: 130,000CNY
Policy of payment method and regulations
Payment method Global budget Fee-for-service
regulations Jurong: Zhenba:
Average medical cost: 5500 CNY for inpatient service Average medical cost for inpatient service: 3800 CNY in secondary hospital and 8500 CNY in tertiary hospital
  1. Data source: health policy documents related to TB prevention and treatment, issues by agencies of New Rural Cooperative Medical System