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Table 1 Strategies for MDR-TB control in the China-Gates TB programme Phase II

From: Drug-resistant tuberculosis control in China: progress and challenges

Technical approach System strengthening Financing and payment
MDR-TB detection: All smear or culture positive patients are tested for drug susceptibility using rapid molecular test Referral: County TB designated hospitals are required to refer all MDR-TB patients (Rifampicin resistant inclusive) to city TB designated hospital for diagnosis and treatment Health insurance benefits: The reimbursement rate should be 90 % for MDR-TB treatment
MDR-TB treatment: All MDR-TB (Rifampicin resistant inclusive) patients are treated with standard second line TB regimen and tailed regimen based on tested degree of drugs resistance Patient management: 1) Staffs in local CDC and primary health facilities are responsible for MDR-TB patients management for 24 months; 2) MDR-TB patients management information shared between TB designated hospitals and CDCs without barriers Transportation subsidy for patients through grant from local Civil Affairs Bureau
Case-based payment for the full course of MDR-TB treatment
  1. Data source: Baseline survey report of the comprehensive TB control model, China CDC, 2013