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Table 7 Priorities for public health research and interventions

From: Presence of three dengue serotypes in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso): research and public health implications

Research needs:
 • Study the seroprevalence and circulation of serotypes.
 • Analyze the presence of malaria–dengue co-infection.
 • Analyze the health system’s capacity to introduce dengue diagnostic tools during epidemics.
 • Analyze the impacts of human mobility on virus circulation.
 • Organize entomological studies on circulation, Aedes presence, etc.
 • Organize interdisciplinary and interventional studies on vector control.
 • Study the equity issues raised by dengue.
Public health interventions:
 • Mobilize community interventions for vector control.
 • Incorporate dengue into the national surveillance system.
 • Organize a system to monitor the presence of Aedes.
 • Train health professionals in dengue management.
 • Inform the population about dengue and the means of controlling it.
 • Ensure that malaria RDTs are always available and free of charge in CSPSs and that dengue RDTs are available during significant epidemics.
 • Reinforce the capacities of the national laboratories.