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Table 1 Geographic distribution of Brucella samples in Qinghai, China

From: MLVA and MLST typing of Brucella from Qinghai, China

Locality ID County Sample ID Sample size
1 Datong Ma10, Ma50 2
2 Dulan Ma37, Ma51, Ma52, Ma53, Ma54, Ma55, Ma56, Ma57, Ma58 9
3 Gangcha Ma17 1
4 Golmud Ma13, Ma16, Ma18, Ma19, Ma20, Ma21, Ma26,
Ma27, Ma28, Ma29, Ma31, Ma32, Ma33
5 Gonghe Ma03, Ma12, Ma22, Ma24, Ma25, Ma30, Ma34, Ma35 8
6 Qilian Ma39, Ma40, Ma41, Ma42, Ma43, Ma44, Ma45, Ma46 8
7 Qumalai Ma23 1
8 Tianjun Ma04, Ma38 2
9 Tongde Ma36, Ma59, Ma60, Ma61, Ma62, Ma63, Ma64 7
10 Xinghai Ma01, Ma02, Ma05, Ma06, Ma08, Ma09, Ma15 7
11 Xining Ma07, Ma14, Ma65 3
12 Zeku Ma11 1
13 Zhiduo Ma47, Ma48, Ma49 3