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Table 11 Total costs prevented for individuals and the health systems over lifetime of the benefit cohorts

From: The health and economic benefits of the global programme to eliminate lymphatic filariasis (2000–2014)

Benefit cohort Direct costs for individuals prevented - medical expenses (millions) Indirect costs for individuals prevented - lost wages (millions) Direct costs for the health system prevented (millions) Total costs prevented (billions) Lifetime benefit per individual within the benefit cohorta
1. Protected from acquiring infection $1,376 $52,513 $1,813 $55.70 $2,569
2. Subclinical morbidity prevented from progressing $818 $31,273 $1,063 $33.2 $2,572
3. Alleviated clinical disease $744 $10,210 $664 $11.6 $855
Total $2,938 $93,996 $3,540 $100.5 $2,095b
  1. aDoes not include the economic benefit to the health system
  2. bWeighted average
  3. See Additional file 2: Table S4 for the results stratified by WHO region. Costs are expressed in US$ 2014 prices