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Table 5 Economic model parameters

From: The health and economic benefits of the global programme to eliminate lymphatic filariasis (2000–2014)

Disease type Parameter Hydrocele average estimate Lymphedema average estimate Sources
Acute Average patient medical expenses per ADL episode Country-specific (US$1.18a) Country-specific (US$1.18a) [8, 11, 4448]
Chronic Average patient medical expenses for chronic disease per year Country-specific (US$0.70ac) Country-specific (US$1.05ac) [8, 11, 4448]
Acute Percentage of work hours lost per day during an ADL episode 75 %b 75 %b [12, 14, 16, 87]
Chronic Percentage of work hours lost due to chronic disease 15 %b 19 %b [12, 43 , 45, 46]
Acute & chronic Average wage per day (minimum of sources (Table 6)) Country-specific (US$1.50a) Country-specific (US$1.50a) [5356]
Chronic Work days per year 300b,d 300b,d  
  1. Based on [4], though updated where appropriate
  2. aWeighted average over all GPELF countries (based on the benefit cohort population size in each country) (Additional file 2: Table S2 and Table 6)
  3. bGlobal estimate indicates a standard rate or proportion was utilized for each GPELF country. This is primarily due to a lack of supporting country-specific data
  4. cChronic hydrocele and lymphedema patients are assumed to seek treatment on average two and three times a year respectively
  5. dAssume an average 6 day work week, 50 weeks of the year
  6. Costs are expressed in US$ 2014 prices
  7. ADL acute adenolymphangitis