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Table 8 Summary of the benefit cohorts

From: The health and economic benefits of the global programme to eliminate lymphatic filariasis (2000–2014)

Benefit cohort Population size (millions) Average age at MDA treatment Average years of health and economic benefita Person-years (millions)b
1. Protected from acquiring infection 21 20 45.6 938
2. Subclinical morbidity prevented from progressing 12.5 20 45.6 551
3. Alleviated clinical disease 12.8 30 35.6 450c
Total 46 - - 1,939
  1. aBased on a global weighted average life expectancy of 64.6 years (weighted based on the benefit cohort population size in each endemic country)
  2. bThe sum of the number of years lived by each individual in the benefit cohort population. (Equal to the benefit cohort population multiplied by the average years of health and economic benefit (after adjusting for mortality))
  3. cIncludes both those with alleviated chronic disease and these with reduced frequency of ADL episodes (Fig. 3)