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Table 2 Key amino acid residues analysis of A/environment/Jiangxi/26/2009(H11N9) and A/environment/Jiangxi/28/2009(H11N9)

From: Detection of reassortant avian influenza A (H11N9) virus in environmental samples from live poultry markets in China

Protein Mutation Function JX/26/2009 and JX/28/2009
HA Q226L Receptor biding site. Q is the avian signature. Q
PB2 E627K Enhances pathogenicity in mice E
D701N D
M1 N30D increase the virulence of H5N1 avian influenza viruses in mice D
T215A A
M2 S31N resist to amantadine S
  H274Y   H
NA E119V resist to oseltamivir or zanamivir E
  R152K   R