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Table 1 Summary of the classifications used for the different phases

From: Progress towards onchocerciasis elimination in the participating countries of the African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control: epidemiological evaluation results

Phase (objective) Classification Criteria
Phase 1A (Assess decline in prevalence) Faster decline Prevalence declining significantly faster than predicted
On track Prevalence not significantly different from predicted
Delayed decline Prevalence declining significantly slower than predicted
Phase 1B (Determine if treatment can be stopped) Stopping criteria met Area prevalence significantly below 1.4 % and maximum stratum prevalence significantly below 5 %
Close to elimination Above thresholds not met but <1.4 % mf positives in sample
Stopping criteria not met Above thresholds not met and >1.4 % mf positives in sample
Overall classification using all data (Assess progress towards elimination) Stopping criteria met Stopping criteria met in phase 1B
Close to elimination Close to elimination in phase 1B or <1.4 % mf positives in phase 1A
On track but some time to go Prevalence decline faster/on track and > 1.4 % mf positives in sample
Unsatisfactory Prevalence decline delayed and > 1.4 % mf positives in sample