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Table 1 Description of choice experiment attributes and levels

From: Household perceptions and subjective valuations of indoor residual spraying programmes to control malaria in northern Uganda

Attribute Description Levels and values
Malaria risk Average fraction of people out of 10 getting sick with malaria in an average month. 1/10 to 9/10, increments of 1/10
Compensation One-time payment offered to respondent (in place of IRS).a $0, $4, $22, $43, $65, $217
DDT Frequency that DDT is sprayed (for IRS programmes) 0,1,2, or 4 times per year
ICON Frequency that ICON is sprayed (for IRS programmes), mutually exclusive with DDT. 0,1,2, or 4 times per year
  1. Notes: aCompensation amounts were described to respondents in local currency (Ugandan shillings), but are presented here in USD 2009 for ease of interpretation