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Table 1 How can someone be Kato-Katz egg-negative and POC-CCA-positive?

From: Schistosomiasis is more prevalent than previously thought: what does it mean for public health goals, policies, strategies, guidelines and intervention programs?

1. The KK is insensitive and missed an egg:
 a) the egg was in another part of the stool
 b) the egg was excreted on a different day
2. The POC-CCA is not sufficiently specific:
Because the anti-CCA mAb reacted with the CCA epitope produced in another situation (Pregnancy, Infection, Tumors, Autoimmune diseases, etc.)(most studies have been done in children)
3. The POC-CCA readers/technicians were insufficiently trained or trained differently in different programs/teams; and trace readings are difficult to determine
4. Temporary suppression of egg-production by worms damaged, but not killed by praziquantel treatment
5. The female worms went through menopause
6. All immature or stunted female infections
7. All male infections
8. Anti-fecundity immunity reduced or stopped egg production