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Table 2 Strains of Japanese encephalitis virus used in this study

From: Pigsties near dwellings as a potential risk factor for the prevalence of Japanese encephalitis virus in adult in Shanxi, China

Strain Genotype Year Country and region Source GenBank accession No.
E gene Complete gene
SXYC1523* I 2015 Shanxi,China Culex pipiens KY078829 KY078829
SXYC1546* I 2015 Shanxi,China C. tritaeniorhynchus KY078827  
SXYC1548* I 2015 Shanxi,China C. tritaeniorhynchus KY078828  
Ishikawa I 1994 Ishikawa, Japan Swine mononuclear cells AB051292 AB051292
JEV/sw/Mie/40/2004 I 2004 Japan Pig serum AB241118 AB241118
12-YJ033 I 2012 Shanxi,China C. tritaeniorhynchus KP216590  
SX09S-01 I 2008 Shanxi,China Pig brain HQ893545 HQ893545
12-LY039 I 2012 Shanxi,China C. pipiens KP216598  
12-YJ022 I 2012 Shanxi,China C. tritaeniorhynchus KP216587  
XJ69 I 2007 China C. pipiens pallens EU880214 EU880214
SH03-130 I 2003 Shanghai, China C. tritaeniorhynchus DQ404104  
KV1899 I 1999 Korea Pig serum AY316157 AY316357
YN79-Bao83 I 1979 Yunan, China C. tritaeniorhynchus DQ404128  
YN-Xiang JE I IU Yunan, China Human blood DQ404135  
LN02-102 I 2002 Liaoning, China C. modestus DQ404085  
SH03-105 I 2003 Shanghai, China C. tritaeniorhynchus DQ404097  
HN06-21 I 2006 Henan, China Culex JN381830  
HN06-26 I 2006 Henan, China Culex JN381837  
SC04-12 I 2004 Sichuan, China Culex DQ404090  
GZ56 I 2008 Guizhou, China Cerebrospinal fluid HM366552 HM366552
JEV/sw/Mie/41/2002 I 2002 Mie, Japan Swine serum AB241119 AB241119
K94P05 I 1994 South Korea C. tritaeniorhynchus AF045551 AF045551
XJP613 I 2007 China C. tritaeniorhynchus EU693899 EU693899
FU II 1995 Australia Human sreum AF217620 AF217620
SA14 III 1954 China Mosquito U14163 U14163
SA14-14-2 III IU China Vaccine AF315119 AF315119
P3 III 1949 Beijing, China Human brain U47032 U47032
Nakayama-RFVL III 1935 Nakayama, Japan Human brain S75726  
GZ04-36 III 2004 Guizhou, China Culex DQ404112  
HLJ02-134 III 2002 Heilongjiang, China Culicoides DQ404081  
FJ03-31 III 2003 Fujian, China Human blood DQ404117  
SH0601 III 2006 Shanghai, China Pig EF543861 EF543861
K87P39 III 1987 Korea Mosquito AY585242 AY585242
JaGAr01 III 1959 Japan,Gunma C. tritaeniorhynchus AF039076 AF039076
RP-9 III 1985 Taiwan,China Mosquito AF14161 AF14161
T1P1 III 1997 Taiwan,China Armigeres subalbatus AF254453 AF254453
Beijing-1 III 1949 Beijing, China Human brain L48961 L48961
Ling III 1965 Taiwan,China Mosquito L78128 L78128
P20778 III 1958 India Human brain AF080251 AF08251
JKT6468 IV 1981 Indonesia,Flores C. tritaeniorhynchus AY184212 AY184212
Muar V 1952 Malaysia Human brain HM596272 HM596272
XZ0934 V 2009 China Mosquito JF915894 JF915894
MVE   1951 Australia Human brain NC_000943 NC_000943
  1. *Isolated from the study