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Table 3 Group and subgroup of patients with NTM infection

From: Routinely detected indicators in plasma have a predictive effect on the identification of HIV-infected patients with non-tuberculous mycobacterial and tuberculous infections

Group Number Subgroup Number
Pulmonary NTM 106 Pulmonary NTM 96
Blood disseminated pulmonary NTM 10
Extra-pulmonary NTM 6 Skin NTM 1
Spinal NTM 1
NTM spinal meningitis 1
Intestinal NTM 2
NTM peritonitis and intestinal NTM 1
Pulmonary and extra-pulmonary NTM 15 Pulmonary and intestinal NTM 4
Pulmonary and lymph node NTM 3
Pulmonary and skin NTM 2
Pulmonary and stomach NTM 1
Pulmonary and NTM meningitis 2
Pulmonary NTM and NTM peritonitis 2
Pulmonary and bone NTM 1