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Fig. 3

From: Utilizing the ultrasensitive Schistosoma up-converting phosphor lateral flow circulating anodic antigen (UCP-LF CAA) assay for sample pooling-strategies

Fig. 3

Average CAA levels to guide and monitor MDA decision and protocols. Hypothetical example illustrating the use of urine pools for MDA decision, monitoring drug treatment efficiency and re-infection. The indicated time scales for testing after drug treatment could be considered but are theoretical and may differ depending on the Schistosoma species and endemicity level. Monitoring the efficiency of the MDA drug treatment (after 2 days to a week) shows that the average CAA level is reduced, which is directly related to worm burden and worm activity. In this example it does also indicate that a second round might be favourable. Monitoring after 6 months shows that the old situation has recovered due to re-infection

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