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Fig. 4

From: Utilizing the ultrasensitive Schistosoma up-converting phosphor lateral flow circulating anodic antigen (UCP-LF CAA) assay for sample pooling-strategies

Fig. 4

Schematic, illustrating the steps involved in pooling while maintaining ultimate sensitivity. Pools, prepared from individual samples of each 2 000 μl, that generate a ‘CAA-negative’ test result with the UCP-LF CAA assay do not require further analysis; all included samples/individuals can be regarded as UCAA2000 negatives, not carrying a schistosome infection. Test line (T), Flow Control line (FC) and Index line (I) are indicated: T, the binding site of the UCPMαCAA-CAA complex; FC the binding site for all UCPMαCAA material not retained at T; I, non-essential index line with a fixed amount of label that can be used for normalization of the strip reader

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