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Table 1 The definition for variables of implementation of infection control (line 126 in page 6)

From: Prevalence of and risk factors for tuberculosis among healthcare workers in Chinese tuberculosis facilities

Number Variables Definition
a with in-patient wards whether the facility included in-patient wards for TB patients
b screening for patients whether patients were screened for TB
c department and staff setting department and staff composition: whether there was a dedicated department for TB infection prevention and control;
specialist and sufficient staff
d infection control policies and budgets infection control policies and budgets: whether a program for TB infection control existed;
existing an established referral system;
existing appropriate and dedicated funding
e staff training Implementation whether there was pre-employment training program in TB infection prevention and control, provision of continuous education;
provision of review courses and activities
f infection control evaluation implementation details of incorporation of TB infection control practices to performance indicator systems and evaluation of the environmental implementation for TB infection control
g administrative implementation whether dedicated area for coughing patients are provided during appointments;
appropriately designed sputum collection area according to building standards;
provision of facial tissues or medical masks for patients;
measurement of time spent by patients at health care facilities (with an aim to shorten length of stay);
firstly receiving samples of suspected infectious TB cases in laboratories;
firstly treating suspected infectious TB cases in in-patient wards;
with details of any isolation system;
separating patients with and without a cough;
separating TB cases (infectious or multi-drug resistant disease) from non-TB patients in in-patient wards or out-patient departments
h promotion and education implementation whether promotional materials about TB infection control is offered in out-patient departments and wards, including cough etiquette and respiratory hygiene in out-patient departments and wards, ensuring patients keep good cough etiquette and wear surgical masks in wards;
i individual protection carrying out TB infection control education, conducting health check-up examinations on an yearly basis for HCW;
wearing N95 medical masks when collecting smear;
wearing N95 medical masks among HCWs in out-patient wards or laboratories;
conducting fitting tests of N95 medical masks regularly;
j floor plan design the designation rationality in the waiting area, or in out-patient departments, or in laboratories, or in-patient wards;
k ventilation good ventilation in out-patient departments;
HCWs in out-patient departments sitting upwind of patients; installation of ventilation equipment in out-patient departments or wards;
l ultraviolet germicidal lamps installation and maintenance installing ultraviolet germicidal lamps in out-patient departments, or wards or laboratories;
having a good maintenance plan in out-patient departments, or wards or laboratories.