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Table 3 nagt genotypes identified within Moroccan L. infantum population and defined by the restriction patterns obtained with endonucleases AlwI, NaeI and NciI

From: Genetic polymorphism in Leishmania infantum isolates from human and animals determined by nagt PCR-RFLP

Genotype RFLP patterns Strains
AlwI NaeI NciI
L. infantum (common genotype) a a a 26 (18 VL + 7 CanL +1CL)
L. infantum variant 2 a b a 1 (VL)
L. infantum variant 4 b a a 3 (VL)
L. infantum variant M1 a c a 6 (VL)
L. infantum variant M2 b c a 3 (VL)
L. infantum variant M3 a d a 1 (CL)
L. infantum Iranian varianta a e a 1 (VL)
  1. VL Visceral leishmaniasis, CL Cutaneous leishmaniasis, CanL Canine visceral leishmaniasis
  2. aThis variant was identified by in-silico RFLP analysis of an Iranian sample retrieved from the GenBank database