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Table 2 Statements with the highest “Priority” and “Policy relevance” ratings

From: Establishing research priorities in prevention and control of vector-borne diseases in urban areas: a collaborative process

No. Statements Cluster Priority Policy relevance
3 The effectiveness of integrated vector control management Interventions 4.28 4.56
1 What determines the success, effectiveness, and sustainability of preventive strategies Interventions 4.06 4.22
26 What surveillance systems are needed to predict the next outbreaks of VBDs Surveillance 4.06 4.00
18 How to apply the social determinant approach in integrated vector management Equity 3.94 3.94
22 What are the impacts of interventions on health outcomes at the community level Interventions 3.94 3.94
57 What are the ethical dimensions we need to take into account in interventions Ethics 3.89 4.00
84 How to take into account equity in surveillance and in interventions Equity 3.89 4.00
13 What are the sanitation waste management strategies that can help prevent VBDs City responsibility 3.83 4.22
54 How to take social acceptability into account when designing an intervention Community & Society 3.83 4.28
79 Barriers and facilitators for environmental sustainability of integrated vector management Interventions 3.78 4.17
  1. VBDs Vector-borne diseases