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Table 3 Statements with the lowest priority and policy relevance ratings

From: Establishing research priorities in prevention and control of vector-borne diseases in urban areas: a collaborative process

No. Statements Cluster Priority Policy relevance
78 How important is the case management of VBDs in transmission? Transmission & Interaction 2.89 2.72
52 Is it possible/ethical to treat people in order to kill the mosquitoes? Ethics 2.83 2.33
49 How many RDTs do we need for a single disease? Clinics 2.67 2.28
86 What is the role of multiple testing at the point of care? Clinics 2.67 2.89
73 What is the current state of RDTs for leptospirosis? Clinics 2.56 2.50
34 Can low vector infestation (house index) cause outbreaks in large urban settings? Vectors 2.50 2.56
82 What are the best patterns to evaluate vector capacity and unexpected species? Vectors 2.50 2.44
77 Are resources, networking possible in VBD research? Collaboration 2.50 2.11
8 What do we mean by urban areas? City responsibility 2.33 2.11
46 How can we prevent people with viremia from moving around? Population mobility 1.50 1.94
  1. RDTs Rapid diagnostic tests, VBDs Vector-borne diseases