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Table 1 Definitions of diagnostic impact, performance, and implementation outcomes

From: A scoping review on the field validation and implementation of rapid diagnostic tests for vector-borne and other infectious diseases of poverty in urban areas

Impact: effect of diagnostic test implementation on public health or patient-oriented outcomes
Performance: operational characteristics of diagnostic tests in relation to sensitivity, specificity, predictive values, and concordance with other tests
Acceptability: patient’s and provider’s perceptions of a diagnostic test being satisfactory
Adoption: intention, decision, or action to use a diagnostic test intervention
Appropriateness: perception of how well the diagnostic intervention meets the needs in a specific context
Feasibility: the extent to which the diagnostic intervention can be successfully used in a specific context
Fidelity: to what degree the diagnostic intervention was implemented as originally planned
Cost: monetary effort of the use of a diagnostic intervention in a specific context
Penetration: to what extent the diagnostic intervention reached the expected users
Sustainability: to what extent the diagnostic intervention is maintained or institutionalized