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Table 2 Strategies to improve LLIN access to mobile and migrant populations in Cambodia

From: Assessment of net lending strategy to better reach mobile and migrant populations in malaria endemic areas of Cambodia

Strategy Year initiated Target areas Provinces Target group Channel of delivery
Bed net lending scheme 2009 5 operational districts in 4 provinces Banteay Meanchey, Battambang, Pailin, and Pursat Plantation/farm workers Engagement with farm owners
Touch Points for bed net distribution 2013 1 operational district Steung Treng Sites of primary contact with MMPs - mainly forest goers, miners in remote areas Small grocery shops, boat port, middlemen or broker where MMPs gather for personal belongings or sell their forest products before re-entering into the forest.
“Forest package” project 2013 2 operational district Kratie and Koh Kong Distributes subsidized backpacks equipped with insect repellent, LLIN/LLIHs, flashlight and an informative brochure on malaria to forest-goers Through a voucher system between the trained mobile and plantation malaria workers (MMW/PMW), local retailers and the forest goers. The MMW/PMW collects and transports blood samples, test and provide treatment for patients testing positive for malaria
Bed net topping up scheme 2014 5 operational districts in 4 provinces Battambang, Pursat, Oddarmeanchey, Banteay Meanchey MMPs including forest goers and local residents who plan to travel to the forest (LLIHN). Topping up scheme also replaced damaged LLIHN among local residents. Through village malaria workers
  1. LLIN Long lasting insecticide treated net, LLIHN Long lasting insecticide treated hammock net, MMP Mobile and migrant population, MMW Mobile malaria worker, PMW Plantation malaria worker