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Table 1 Summary of main result by themes and by target group

From: Community perceptions of epilepsy and its treatment in an onchocerciasis endemic region in Ituri, Democratic Republic of Congo

Themes and issues Community leaders PWE /families Traditional healers Health professional
Misconceptions concerning the cause of epilepsy  
Epilepsy is a family-related condition    
Epilepsy is a contagious disease    
Epilepsy is caused by bad spirits, witchcraft  
Epilepsy is associated with stigma within families and communities   
Epilepsy leads to divorce or separation   
PWE are at risk for sexual abuse   
Epilepsy treatment
Not convinced about efficacy of traditional treatment and AEM   
Need to establish a community-based specialized epilepsy treatment center    
Financial possibilities limit the uninterrupted intake of AEM   
Consultation fee is barrier to obtain AEM  
AEM are often not available  
Need to train health professionals about the management of epilepsy   
Epilepsy awareness   
Clinical signs of convulsive epilepsy were recognized   
Economic status of PWE/Families   
Low economic status of PWE and their families   
PWE are dependent on their families to obtain treatment and care   
  1. PWE Person with epilepsy, AEM Anti-epileptic medication