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Table 3 Ecological management measures and their effects on schistosomiasis control

From: Role of ecological approaches to eliminating schistosomiasis in Eryuan County evaluated by system modelling

Classification Ecological management measures Effect on schistosomiasis control
Control the source of infection Set no pastoral area Such measures effectively reduce Schistosoma eggs that pollute the environment and prevent the infection of snail from schistosome miracidium.
Close or transfer cultivation factory
Dispose of human and animal excrement
Build sanitation toilets
Build a large factory to dispose of livestock excrement
Block the biological transmission chains Using right circulation of land, change its purpose of use Such measures can effectively change the suitable habitats of the snail intermediate host, and can effectively reduce or even get rid of snail habitats.
Water saving irrigation
Harden the ditches and roads
Develop economic forest
Return the plough into forestry, forest land conservation
Channel management
Cut off transmission of the disease Control the price of water Such measures change people’s habits, thereby reducing contact oppertunities with contaminated water and thus reducing the risk of infection.
Collect polluted water
Centralise water supply
Implement efficient water-saving projects
Improve ecological environment Improve the environmental restoration, by building ecological furrow Such measures reduce the risk areas by declining the infection of humans and livestock, but must pay attention to the diffusion of snails.
Improve wetlands restoration
Reconstruct lakeside area