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Table 2 Results of strategies for using chemical molluscicides

From: SWOT analysis on snail control measures applied in the national schistosomiasis control programme in the People’s Republic of China

SO 1. Maintain the advantages and normal application in snail infested areas.
2. Adopt different strategies in different stages of the national schistosomiasis control programme.
3. Examine dosage forms fitted for different conditions and terrains.
Pioneering strategy
ST 1. Develop environment-friendly and targeted molluscicides to maintain the advantages. Positive strategy
WO 1. Extend the effects of molluscicides and research slow-release options. Conservative strategy
WT 1. Selectively apply and forbid use in environmentally sensitive areas and residential areas.
2. Coordinate with other snail control measures to achieve integrated snail control.
Resistive strategy
  1. SO strengths and opportunities, ST strengths and threats, WO weaknesses and opportunities, WT weaknesses and threats