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Table 5 Results of the strategies for developing forestry projects

From: SWOT analysis on snail control measures applied in the national schistosomiasis control programme in the People’s Republic of China

SO 1. Cooperate with the development of national forestry industries.
2. Develop the agro-forestry ecosystem.
3. Build the combination type of construction and development.
Pioneering strategy
ST 1. 1. Research new strategies for the different policies of land use and management.
2. 2. Avoid launch affforestation in the wetland protection area.
Positive strategy
WO 1. 1. Combine with molluscicides to achieve long-term and short-term solutions.
2. 2. Combine with other industries to reduce cost.
3. 3. Selectively breed vegetation with snail control effect.
Conservative strategy
WT 1. Selectively develop forestry projects in an appropriate area to avoid limitations of ecological protection policies.
2. Research new forestry project technology to improve snail control effect.
Resistive strategy
  1. SO strengths and opportunities, ST strengths and threats, WO weaknesses and opportunities, WT weaknesses and threats