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Table 6 Results of the strategies for developing agriculture projects

From: SWOT analysis on snail control measures applied in the national schistosomiasis control programme in the People’s Republic of China

SO 1. Build a cooperative mechanism between health and agriculture administrations.
2. Develop the agro-forestry ecosystem and agricultural economy under trees to support agriculture projects for snail control.
Pioneering strategy
ST 1. Selectively develop agriculture projects in appropriate areas to avoid terrain limitations.
2.Selectively develop replacing wet crops with dry land crops to avoid limitation of basic farmland protection policy
Positive strategy
WO 1. Coordinate with the policies for agriculture development, such as agricultural farmland construction, to lower the cost.
2. Coordinate with other measures to interrupt new snails spread into the farmland.
Conservative strategy
WT 1. Combined with forestry projects to form ecological isolation zone between farmland and rivers.
2. Develop with cash crop planting to increase economic benefits.
Resistive strategy
  1. SO strengths and opportunities, ST strengths and threats, WO weaknesses and opportunities, WT weaknesses and threats