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Table 7 Results of the strategies for developing water conservancy projects

From: SWOT analysis on snail control measures applied in the national schistosomiasis control programme in the People’s Republic of China

SO 1. Incorporate snail control buildings or facilities into large water conservancy projects such as the Three Gorges Project and the South-North Water Diversion Project to prevent the remote migration of snails.
2. Promote the use of cement lining of irrigation ditches in national farmland consolidation projects.
Pioneering strategy
ST 1. Develop educational activities to disseminate knowledge about snail control through different types of water conservancy projects and raise awareness among local people.
2. Develop novel measures for water conservancy projects to coordinate with theories of ecological protection.
Positive strategy
WO 1. Cooperate with the national farmland consolidation projects and other large water conservancy projects to lower cost.
2. Combine with other measures for snail control and form an integrated snail control system.
Conservative strategy
WT 1. Selectively develop water conservancy projects in appropriate areas and avoid destroying the ecological preservation areas.
2. Research new technology to reduce the required investment.
Resistive strategy
  1. SO strengths and opportunities, ST strengths and threats, WO weaknesses and opportunities, WT weaknesses and threats