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Table 2 Thematic framework analysis using FGD data

From: The impact of increased reimbursement rates under the new cooperative medical scheme on the financial burden of tuberculosis patients

First level Second level
TB prevention and control system a. Functional transformation of relevant departments under the project
b. Health services provided by designated hospitals in the project
c. The responsibilities of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention
d. The responsibilities of village doctors
The implementation of the new policy a. Financing policy
b. Payment policy
c. Publicity and patients’ awareness of the new policy
The impact of the new policy a. Impacts on total cost control for TB treatment
b. Impacts on patients’ financial burden
c. Views on the new financing and payment policy
Regulation of the implementation of the new policy a. Regulation of designated hospitals
b. Regulation of medical staff behaviour in hospitals
c. Regulation of village doctors
  1. FGD Focus group discussion, TB Tuberculosis