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Table 3 New reimbursement policy for TB inpatients under the NCMS in Yichang City

From: The impact of increased reimbursement rates under the new cooperative medical scheme on the financial burden of tuberculosis patients

Nominal reimbursement rate

Actual implementation rate of new reimbursement policy




Township health centers: ZJ: 85%, YD: 85%, WF: 80%.

County hospitals: ZJ: 75%, YD:65%, WF:70%.

Municipal hospital: ZJ: 50%–65%, YD: 50–65%, WF: 55-65%.

Smear-negative patients: 80%; Smear-positive patients: 90%

ZJ: 55%;

YD: 70%;

WF: 74%

  1. Data sources: collected from policy documents from health bureaus and health insurance agencies
  2. TB Tuberculosis, NCMS New Cooperative Medical Scheme, ZJ Zhijiang City, YD Yidu city, WF Wufeng City