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Table 1 Three regimens for DEC administration applied in different endemic areas of bancroftian and malayan filariasis

From: Lessons from lymphatic filariasis elimination and the challenges of post-elimination surveillance in China

Regimen Endemic extent Target population Dose
Selective treatment hypro-bancroftian filariasis microfilaraemia positive 3.0 g DEC over 3–5 days 4.2 g DEC over 7 days
hypro- & meso- malayan filariasis 1.5–2.0 g over 2–3 days
Mass drug administration (usually combined with selective treatment) hypro- & meso- bancroftian filariasis >  5 years microfilaraemia-negative 3.0 g over 3–5 days
meso- & hypro- malayan filariasis 1.0–2.0 g over 2–3 days
DEC-fortified salt meso- & hypro- bancroftian filariasis whole population 50 mg DEC/day/person 6 consecutive months (9.0 g in total)
hypro- malayan filariasis 50 mg DEC/day/person over 3–4 consecutive months (4.5–6.0 g in total)
  1. DEC Diethylcarbamazine