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Table 2 Characteristics of tuberculosis cases identified by active and passive case finding strategies in Yunnan, 2013–2015

From: Role of community-based active case finding in screening tuberculosis in Yunnan province of China

CharacteristicACF*PCF*χ2P value
Number of cases (n)Proportion (%)Number of cases (n)Proportion (%)  
All66 456   
Age (years)
  < 1511.561.3 <  0.01ǁ
  ≥ 654263.69420.6  
 children/students/teachers57.6194.2 <  0.01ǁ
 medical staff00.020.4  
 government employees00.051.1  
 Other Minority812.1224.8  
Sputum smear
Category of treatment
 new case5684.944296.916.5<  0.01ǂ
  1. *ACF = active case finding, PCF = passive case finding
  2. ǁ Fisher’s exact test
  3. ǂ Continuity correction