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Table 3 Number needed to screen and tuberculosis incidence proportion or tuberculosis prevalence rate for active and passive case finding strategies in Yunnan, 2013–2015

From: Role of community-based active case finding in screening tuberculosis in Yunnan province of China

YearScreen strategyScreened enrolled residents under ACF/
Population under PCF, n
TB diagnosed, nTB incidence proportion/
prevalence a
Rate ratio b95% CI
of RRc
2013ACF*33 42034101.71.71.2–2.5983
PCF*240 65314359.4ref 1683
2014ACF33 2852781.11.30.8–1.91233
PCF242 07715162.4ref 1603
2015ACF30 816516.20.20.08–0.66163
PCF246 17716265.8ref 1520
  1. *ACF = active case finding, PCF = passive case finding; TB = tuberculosis
  2. a: TB Incidence proportion = new TB cases/screened population in ACF area×100 000; TB prevalence = TB cases/population in PCF area×100 000
  3. b: Rate ratio = incidence proportion under ACF/ prevalence under PCF
  4. c: CI = confidence interval; RR = rate ratio
  5. d: NNS = number needed to screen to detect one case