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Table 2 Trematode infection in five different snail species collected from Omo-Gibe River Basin, southwest Ethiopia

From: Environmental determinants of distribution of freshwater snails and trematode infection in the Omo Gibe River Basin, southwest Ethiopia

Snail speciesTotal number of snails collectedTotal number of snails infectedNumber of snails infected by cercariaInfection rate (%)
BADEchinostomesBAMAmpXipLPDStrigea cercariaeUnidentified
Biomphalaria pfeifferi2010933926219_3224.6%
Lymnaea natalensis74711_8__3___1.5%
  1. BAD Brevifurcate apharyngeate distome, BAM Brevifurcate apharyngeate monostome, Amp Amphistome, LPD Longifurcate pharyngeate distome, Xip Xiphidiocercariae