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Table 1 Genotype and allele frequencies of 1014F and 1014S kdr mutations in An. coluzzii populations

From: High insecticide resistance in the major malaria vector Anopheles coluzzii in Chad Republic

1014F kdr
 RR (%)RS (%)SS (%)Total2 Nf(R)f(S)
N’djamena17 (27.9)31 (50.8)11 (18.0)611220.570.43
Massakory28 (47.5)19 (32.2)12 (20.3)591180.640.36
1014S kdr
N’djamena0 (0)10 (17.9)46 (82.1)561120.0890.91
Massakory0 (0)8 (15.7)43 (84.3)511020.0780.92
  1. RR, homozygous resistant, RS, heterozygous resistant, SS, homozygous susceptible. In total, 120 mosquitoes were genotyped for the 1014F kdr mutation, and 107 for the 1014S kdr. f(R): frequency of resistance allele; f(S): frequency of susceptible allele