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Table 2 Summary statistics for polymorphism of the fragment of voltage-gated sodium channel haplotypes from N’djamena and Massakory An. coluzzii populations

From: High insecticide resistance in the major malaria vector Anopheles coluzzii in Chad Republic

PopulationnShHdSynNonsynπD (Tajima)D* (Fu and Li)
N’djamena12350.63210.002010.59ns0.97 ns
All16350.72010.0024 (1.30)0.94ns1.36ns
  1. n, Number of sequences; S, Number of polymorphic sites; h, Haplotype; Hd, Haplotype diversity; Syn, Synonymous mutations; Nonsyn, Non-synonymous mutations; π, nucleotide diversity; Tajima’s D and Fu and Li’s D statistics, ns, not significant