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Table 1 Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of Japanese Encephalitis cases in Yunnan Province, China, 2005–2017

From: Reduction patterns of Japanese encephalitis incidence following vaccine introduction into long-term expanded program on immunization in Yunnan Province, China

Total number of cases4780100.0
Age group, years
  ≥ 20105322.0
Nationality of patients
Occupation of patients
 Preschool children177037.0
JE Case classification
 Laboratory-confirmed cases307764.4
 Clinical cases126626.5
 Suspected cases4379.1
Travel History 25 Day prior to onset
 Another Province420.9
 Inside Yunnan Province2174.5
 No outside travel history256053.6
 Not recorded192840.3
Severity of patient classified by doctor
 Very serious1102.3
Patient’s JE Vaccination history